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OOH - Information and Booking Sessions

All OOH sessions except CRISIS are now booked through rotamaster. CRISIS sessions are 7pm to midnight. To attend a session, you will need to be registered - the registration form is at the foot of this page. Crisis is held at the Becklin Centre

Please note that for RA02 and any smart card issues should be emailed to

And form RM01 and any RotaMaster issues should be emailed to

21/10/2019  Jo Callaby
24/10/2019  Laura Roberts
28/10/2019  Sarah Chown
31/10/2019  Sian Taylor
04/11/2019 Georgina Fairfield
07/11/2019 Jay Roscoe
11/11/2019 Seema Bisht
14/11/2019 Rasheed Adewole
18/11/2019 Saheed Omoyajowo
21/11/2019 Jay Roscoe
25/11/2019 Enoch Tetteh
28/11/2019 Catherine Aligwara
02/12/2019 Chinedu Okafo
05/12/2019 Laura Roberts
12/12/2019 Libby Aspden

Telephone Triage  induction dates 2019 - book these through

1pm @ Lexicon House

 19th of November

 17th of December

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